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The English Tearoom is a brick and mortar and an online shop full of everything you need to really celebrate and enjoy top quality tea. Native Londoners and passionate tea-drinkers ourselves, at our shop in Stuttgart you will find everything you need for a perfect brew or tea party, including typically British teaware, clotted cream, delicious biscuits and our own range of traditional black tea blends. For those who enjoy white, green and oolong tea we have carefully selected around 80 fantastic teas that represent the best in traditional tea making skills from the world's top tea producing regions. 

Find out more about us via the links on the left, explore our online shop, sign up for our newsletter, "like us" on Facebook or come and visit us in the Heusteigviertel. However you get to know us better we recommend you take time to do so - visit us often and let us get to know you so that we can advise you on how to get the best out of tea.

We look forward to enjoying tea with you! 

New in the shop

The letters after the name of this tea signify the grade of tea. In theory, the more letters after a tea’s name, the better. Only used for black teas...
This fine tea, new to Marimo in 2014, is made purely of leaves from the cultivar “Asatsuyu”. Asatsuyu is best known in the tea-world for being a type...

Special offers

Special offer - Tea of the month in September! Pomelo is a type of citrus fruit that grows on trees in South-East Asia. In late spring the pomelo...

Some of our favourite things

The orignial Cuckoo design of Chinese Flowers and Bird dates back to the early 19th Century and takes it inspiration from the fabulous Wedgwood...
When we first got this organically produced Matcha from our supplier of our other excellent and prize-winning Japanese teas our expectations were...

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Here's a short clip from ZDF's "WISO" showing what four customers of The English Tearoom thought when they compared tea made in a Nespresso style tea machine with loose leaf tea prepared in a teapot.